There are numerous diseases in the world. It is good to have knowledge about them. Hernia is one of the commonly heard diseases. This is an internal disease and therefore is not easy to detect. There are various symptoms that one should have idea about so that disease is detected well in time and can be easily treated. Well, hernia basically means formation of protrusion through a tissue or organ which causes rupture in the tissue membrane or organ. It is a very painful condition. There are various hernia causes.

What is hernia?

Hernia is nothing but a protrusion which has three major parts that are the orifice, hernia sac and the hernia contents. Depending on the location of occurrence hernia is mainly classified in various types.

  • Most commonly known is herniated disc which occurs in the spinal vertebrae.
  • Next one on the list is abdominal hernia which occurs due to protrusion of fatty tissue through weak region of abdomen.
  • Diaphragmatic hernia that is protrusion formed in the stomach diaphragm.
  • One that develops in the esophagus is known as hiatal hernia.
  • Intracranial hernia is the one that takes place in brain and may be fatal. Such patient’s need immediate medical attention.
  • Pelvic hernia is nothing but one that develops in intestinal region and further moves towards the pelvic region. Hence is also referred as inguinal hernia.

Other rare types include umbilical hernia, epigastric hernia and ventral hernia. Hernia causes vary depending on the type of hernia.

Major hernia causes

There are various reasons that can lead to herniated condition. Few of them are listed here.

  • Genetic propensity means one that is passed on genetically. This simply means that if both your parents had hernia then there is high chance that you would also have the disease.
  • Next factor is aging that old people have more risk of developing hernia.
  • A genetic disorder called elhers-Danlos syndrome may be one the hernia causes.
  • Similarly Marfan syndrome may also lead to herniated condition.
  • Pregnancy may lead to muscle stretching and thereby leading to rupture of the same.
  • Drastic weight loss may weaken tissue which would cause hernia.
  • Whooping cough which leads to excessive coughing may develop pressure on abdomen and be a cause for hernia.
  • Intracranial pressure is major reason for the cause of intracranial hernia.
  • Benign tumors may lead to enlargement of glands leading to high pressure development in the surrounding region.
  • Excessive lifting and prior surgery may lead to weakening of muscles and therefore lead to the herniated condition.

It is a very painful condition. It can be completed treated if detected well in time. Many people do not realize and rather overlook the pain as it causes internal bleeding and damage. In such cases there are chances that the condition may grow worse. It is therefore necessary to consult your physician immediately if you feel pain or any kind of abnormality. In fact certain hernia is painless and therefore much difficult to detect. It is good to have knowledge about hernia causes so that one can prevent the disease as far as possible.



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